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How to Use MakeMKV How to Rip Blu-ray to MKV

MakeMKV is known as the free MKV ripping software.DVDFab is a powerful software that offers a full-scale solution for DVD, Blu-ray, video and UHD.In this article, we will introduce how to install these two Blu-ray ripping software, how to set the language and how to use it, and how to compare makemkv and DVDFab.

MakeMKV is known as the free MKV ripping software.DVDFab is a powerful software that offers a full-scale solution for DVD, Blu-ray, video and UHD.In this article, we will introduce how to install these two Blu-ray ripping software, how to set the language and how to use it, and how to compare makemkv and DVDFab.



2.Blu-ray Ripping Software – MakeMKV

 1-1. How to install Makemkv

 1-2. How to set the language of MakeMKV

 1-3. How to use MakeMKV

Blu-ray Ripping Soft DVDFab Blu-ray Ripping

 2-1. How to install DVDFab Blu-ray ripping

 2-2. How to set the language for DVDFab Blu-ray ripping

 2-3. How to use DVDFab Blu-ray ripping

Compare makemkv and DVDFab



At first

DVD and blu-ray discs are common, but it is very inconvenient because you also need hardware to support each time you broadcast them.Therefore, many people choose to convert DVDs and blu-rays to MKV, MP4, etc. and back them up to the hard drive of their computer.This article explains how to rip blu-ray movies using makemkv or DVDFab Blu-ray ripping.

If you want to rip Blu-ray to other video formats, some software is available.makemkv is one of many.As the name suggests, MakeMKV BETA (free trial period is beta version) allows YOU to convert DVDs, Blu-ray discs or ISO files to MKV format.

When testing, the disk load often failed, so I tested it with an ISO file.As a result of testing, we were able to convert the 176-minute Blu-ray file to mkv format in 11 minutes and 32 seconds.Very fast.

Part 1: Blu-ray Ripping Software – MakeMKV

Install Makemkv

1. Visit the official website ( and select and click "MakeMKV 1.14.7 for Windows" or "MakeMKV 1.14.7 for Mac OS X" depending on your computer's OPERAT.

Click the .exe file to begin the installation.Select "Japanese" from "installer language" and click "OK", but if it is not, select "English" and change the language to Japanese later.

3. Click "NEXT" on the next screen.

4. On the next screen, check "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" and press "NEXT".

5. Click "NEXT" from the following screen to the front of the last screen, and then click "Finish" on the last screen.

6. Now you see the MakeMKV icon on your desktop and the installation process is complete.

Makemkv Software Language Settings

If you want to change the language of MakeMKV software to Japanese, select "preference" from "View", select Japanese from language, and the soft language will be japanese from the next time.

How to use Makemkv

1. Double-click the Makemkv icon on your desktop to open it.From File, select Open File or Open Disk.Now let's open file.


In the case of a disk, Makemkv is automatically detected, but there may be an error or operation failure.

Since the period of use is 30 days, pop-up "Do you want to start the evaluation period now?", click Yes.Otherwise, you will not be able to use this software.

2.Open the video file you want to convert to mkv and import the video into Makemkv.You can select the location of the output video by clicking the folder icon in the Output Folder on the right.

3. When the setting is complete, click "Make MKV" in the upper right corner to start the MKV conversion operation.

Makemkv is easy to use and can be used to decipher some protected disks, but it can be a Makemkv error or operation failure.This means that sometimes you can't rip without being able to rip makemkv, or you can't rip the converted file, or you don't see subtitles.The workaround is to use DVDFab Blu-ray ripping.

Part 2: Blu-ray Ripping Software – DVDFab Blu-ray Ripping

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripping is another bd ripping software that can remove Blu-ray disc copy guards and convert them to any video format, including MP4, MKV, etc.A free version is also available, so it can also be used as a free software for Blu-ray ripping.

COPY GUARD supported by DVDFab Blu-ray ripping: AACS, BD+, RC, BD-LIVE, UOPs, CCI, Blu-ray Country Code, Stealth Clone Anti-Protection to unlock Java protection, Hide PS3 update files, Blu-ray 3D dedicated discs can also be played on 2D displays

Output formats supported by DVDFab Blu-ray ripping:

3D Video: 3D MKV(H.265) / 3D MP4(H.265) / 3D 4K MP4 / 3D 4K MKV / 3D AVI / 3D MP4 / 3D WMV / 3D MKV / 3D M2TS / 3D M2TS / 3D

2D Video: H.265 / 4K MP4 / 4K MKV / MPEG-4 / MP4 Pass-through / MKV Pass-through / MP4 / FLV / MKV / AVI / WMV / M2TS / TS etc.

Pass-through: If the input source is compatible, no degradation extraction

Audio: MP3 / MP4 / M4A / WMA / WMA10 / WAV / AAC / DTS / OGG / PCM / AC-3 / E-AC-3 5.1 etc. , up to 7.1ch

Also, the files converted by DVDFab Blu-ray ripping are compressed almost without degradation.This means that while maintaining the original quality, the output file has less space than it was originally, and it takes up less space.

Below, i will explain how to install and configure DVDFab Blu-ray ripping and how to use it.

How to install Blu-ray ripping

1. Download DVDFab from the official website and select Windows or MAC version if necessary.

2. Open the downloaded DVDFab .exe file and click Install to start.

3.100 percent when you click "Experience Now" and DVDFab will open automatically.At the same time, you will see a DVDFab icon on your desktop.

Language settings for Blu-ray ripping

Click the triangle icon in the upper right, click "common settings", click "General/ General" on the screen that pops up, and then select "Japanese" from the language column.Then, the DVDFab language immediately converts to Japanese.

How to use DVDFab Blu-ray ripping

1. Launch DVDFab, select Rip and click Format&video/mp4 from the profile switcher on the left.

2. Click or drag and drop the large "+" on the main screen to load the Blu-ray file you want to rip.For disks, it is automatically detected and loaded when connected to an optical drive.

3. After importing the Blu-ray movie, you can edit the output video by "Advanced Settings" and "Video Edit".You can also click the folder at the bottom to select the destination.If necessary, you can select chapters, audio, subtitles, etc. on the main screen.

Advanced Panel:

Video Editing Panel:

4. When you're done, click Start at the bottom right to start the bd ripping process.

Part 3: Compare makemkv and DVDFab

Item makemkv DVDFab Blu-ray Ripping
Compression features Without Be
Support format Mkv More than 30 species including mkv and mp4
Input format DVD, Blu-ray Blu-ray (DVD sold separately)
Video editing Almost impossible Feature-rich, trimming, background music addition, etc.
Copy guard release AACS and BD+ AACS, BD+, RC, etc. 8 or more
Supported OS Windows and mac Windows and mac



If you want to rip blu-ray movies to other popular video formats, you can do either makemkv or DVDFab Blu-ray ripping.However, as described above, Blu-ray ripping software is recommended for DVDFab Blu-ray ripping.

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